Gardening 2013 Part 3

In this post you'll read about the new scary addition to our vegetable patch and about how we made a SAFE fungicide and pesticide.

Well, we have had a few set backs. Sigh! One, is the thieving crows and two, is the mildew growing on my zucchini plants.

Set backs, set back, but very educating ones. Firstly, I've needed to expand the little knowledge that I have on gardening, and secondly we get to build our very own custom made scare crow!

The weather has not been the best, little sun and lots of rain. It looks like my garden has taken a long pause and my pea plants have not grown a millimeter since I transplanted them. BIG sigh.

There is not much I can do, but to wait. Wait for the sun, hope the crows stay away and hope I can save my plants from mildew.

Two ways to fight fungus (mildew) on your plants. One is to mix 50:50 ratio water and milk into a spray bottle and spray generously over the leaves. Second is to puree an onion, a head of garlic and 4T cayenne pepper with 4L of water, let it sit for a hour and strain the water into a bucket and then some into a spray bottle. This can be used as both, pesticide and fungicide. Don't spray too wildly with the garlic concoction, it kills the good bugs too. 

Oh, I have a ton of reading to do tonight! I think I just might make it, just maybe. I am slightly hesitant about dreaming of canning our own produce.

Until next time!

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