Weight Loss #3 Mid Update

Hi huns!

Okay, I really had to post this out to you guys now. I have been battling frustration for a good week  and I just want to let you know, if you're on the journey of losing weight, that you are NOT alone.

I have been counting points to the dot, and my weight loss is slow. It has a trend, and it is going down, but it's fluctuating downward and when it fluctuates, it's depressing.

I'm in a hurry, my body is doing it right. But while living in a shallow world, sometimes the shallow mindset rubs off on you. I begin to hurry. Then the mindset is all wrong, then I get discouraged and disappointed and shallow. I'm thinking not good enough, not enough, not good enough.

I lost my focus. I lost my more important reason for this weight loss.

Also, I took 3 days off. Yes, you read this right... it just happened. One morning I postponed tracking my points on my app and before I knew it, I was munching away for 3 days. I could've stopped and picked up from where I left, but I kept postponing that too. No worries though, at least this is how I feel like because, I was munching on nuts, seeds, fruit, kashi bars and so on. So, anyhow, back on track! Like I said, this diet, won't last forever. I just badly need to get back to a healthy size and become fit, build stamina, help my heart!

Next week I will update on my weight, hopefully it'll be more dramatic:) Stay tuned!!!!

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