Homeschool - DIY Story Time Pillow Covers

We have circle time daily with our kids. This usually happens just before bed time. We ask the kids to grab their "Bible-Piiri" (Bible Circle in FINg-lish) pillows and gather around in the living room. My husband has normally prepped a topic, which he then reads about and then we discuss it. This is a real hit, the kids have so much input. Sometimes we discuss straight from their kids Bibles and sometimes the topic is related to what happened during the day.

Anyhow, here is how we made their circle time pillows even more special. I got a set of white pillow cases from Walmart and fabric pens. I have increased the colour range of the pens since then, ready for future projects.

 They drew things that made them happy, things they like, are good at etc.

The theme of the month is OBEDIENCE. This theme should last a life time, hence the printing on the pillows :) A good verse to memorize.

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