De-Itemize In July!

De-itemize in July is already here! 

De-ITEM-ize your life for once and for all! Remember, decluttering isn't de-itemizing! De-itemizing is a major step. It means to get rid of things that you can use, or want. It's giving away posessions to gain more time -quality time- with you and your family.

De-itemize in JULY can start NOW!

Don't know where to begin? here's a few ideas:
  • Own one brush.
  • Bless someone with your favourite craft supplies and books.
  • Even if it's pretty to the eye, give it away, and your eyes will rest on minimalism (less visual noise) and you won't need to dust it.
  • You'll do well with less clothes. Keep your absolute favourite pieces, give away the rest. Let your closets and wardrobes breathe. Wouldn't it be nice to see air flow through those places?
  • Own only 2-3 sets of bed linen.
  • Keep only your absolute favourite beauty products. And then half it again. You can do it.
  • You don't need 2 cake pans.
  • Give away 80% of your board and card games. You'll have family game nights more often. It really works.
To learn more on what de-itemizing is, read THIS!

More on Organizing your home and life HERE! ( must read )

Drop me a line, tell me how you are doing!

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