Walk Through My Garden

Welcome to my garden! This is where my seedlings have began to grow and where I spend time during the days.

I've planted corn along the wall. This is the first time I've tried to grow corn, but apparently, it grows 
just fine without your help.... The flower pots beside them have pumpkin seedlings in them. I will transplant them along side of our house when they mature a little more and the trellis for them is built.

This is only half of my garden plot. Here I've planted beets, lettuce, marigold, habanero, methi (fenugreek), spinach, pak choi etc. I'll post more pictures along the way. It gets bushy! We were very blessed last year with our abundant crop. Thank God.

My little strawberry and raspberry patch. It needs mulch, I'm getting there...

My fig tree... oh please produce as much- if not more fruit as last summer! Heaven!

What are you growing this year?

More on growing your own food HERE!!

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