Summer Hair -For Daughters (Why Not Sons Too!)

My daughter has very thick hair. I normally have it in a ponytail, but during the summers it gets messy. Being in the pool daily and other physical activity, the ponytail, or other pins and bows, don't keep well. She hates it when it gets tangled and needs brushing through.

Rainbow loom bands are just perfect for small braids. After each use, you can just cut them off and throw them out. No need to fight them off. Any kind of conditioning leave in spray is great for easy combing and braiding.

 She usually rests her head on a pillow on my lap while I braid. This was it won't strain her neck.

So a few summers ago, I came up with this style for her. There are so many ways to braid hair, so this is just one way. Usually on the days I wash her hair, I braid it straight afterwards while her hair is still damp. I use hairspray, or her favourite- glitter spray to give it a good hold. This way the braids are neat. 

I like this method. It allows her to play, swim, roll around, jump, climb -whatever, without having hair in her face and getting dirty and tangled, saving her from tears.

If braided tightly, the braids last for 4-7 days. She still has a daily quick shower/bath, but there is no need to shampoo her hair each time.

You can find many styles online, or if you can afford it, get it professionally braided and this way they last even longer.

I braid her hair once or twice a week, depending on how well the braids last. You can gently shampoo the scalp in the bath or not, if needed. Here are a few pictures of braids that are a few days old. I think they still look fine!

Do you have any special summer traditions?

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