Roles, Rights and Responsibilities (+Priviledges) -Homeschool Project

For the final project of my son's second grade, we went through his role, right and responsibilities being a part of our family and community. At the end, we added a list on priviledges, because sometimes we take for granted of the stuff we have and get. Little did I know that this porjects opened up some great conversation and bonding time with each other and also this was a great way to grow in Christ.

As he comes up with more rights, he can jot them down.

We had a good chat on his roles, and it also made me think of mine. I'm not just a wife and mommy, there is more to me! :)

Going through his responisbilites, it was a good reminder to him as well as me, that I or my husband, do not do everything for him. It is our duty to train them to be sufficient, and hard working and kind to people around him. No one is a servant to him, no one owes him anything. It is more blessed to give than to receive. I really enjoyed our time of discussion. Sometimes we may think that what we say to our kids doesn't "sink in", but it does.

Last but not least, what are your priviledges?

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