The Busy Mom's Gym Guide

I know as a homeschooling mother of three, soon four, that going to the gym, or doing any kind of exercise can seem impossible or not even a priority. However, I also know that it is extremely important to exercise, for your well being now and for the future.

At times, booking in a session may feel so over whelming, I get it, I've been there. It's also important to take a step back and evaluate the reasons you need to exercise and manage your home schedule so, that it is possible. When working out takes away your energy instead of giving you more, you may need to take it a notch down or adjust what you are doing entirely.

ere are a few steps to make it happen,
  • Figure out what your home schedule is. I suggest the Managers of Their Homes scheduling method. In this way, no chores will be forgotten and everyone will have plenty of time to rest, play, and enjoy hobbies and each other. It's a MUST READ!
  • Menu Plan. Especially on those days you intend to workout. If you're like me and workout in the evenings, with a gym daycare, you will have to plan and prep their dinner and perhaps an evening snack for the time they are in. If you're kids are old enough, 3+, recruit them with prepping their dinner. This is a great way to train and bond with them. 

I give clear "instructions" to when I want the kids to eat, so that we can get the evening snacks out of the way, and get ready for evening preps, teeth brushing, story and bed. Usually my husband will put the kids to sleep so that I can shower after my workout. Not only is it important that your offspring eat, it's also important that you do as well! Making sure that you eat 1-1/2h prior to your workout will give you the sufficient energy for your workout and also giving your body the energy it needs afterwards is important. Pay attention to what you feed yourself. Lots of vegetables, good sources of protein and fiber are good.

  • Have a workout plan. Make sure you get energized from working out and not the opposite. As a stay at home mom & homeschooler, it is vital to plug in to an energy source. One, being our Almighty God and two, physical activity. God created our bodies to move, and we benefit highly from physical activity, emotionally and physically.
  • Rest. Make sure you get enough sleep each night. Everyone needs different amounts of sleep per night. There is no point in cutting back on the rest your body needs to recuperate, for the sake of owning a "super Mom" title. Going to bed in time is key.
  • Workout at home. I workout twice a week at the gym and 2-4 times at home. The workouts I do at home are different from what I do at the gym. At the gym I utilize my time in the machines I don't normally have access to, such as the stair master, leg extensions, curls, squat machine, free weight machines etc.
  • Take supplements. Unfortunately our food is so distorted these days, stripped from their goodness that we need to give our bodies a helping hand when it comes to vitamins, minerals and omegas. We just aren't getting the needed amounts. By supplementing with good quality vitamins you will notice a difference in your well being and health. It's important to have homeostasis in you!

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