Coming Up With Meals, -NOW!

I have found this particular site very helpful in those times where I feel that my brain is mush and I cannot come up with a basic, simple meal to make for me and my family. A few years ago, I stumbled across THIS site which helped me tremendously during those rough times, where I felt overwhelmed with having to come up with what to eat, especially when my pantry was pretty empty!? Having a newborn and a toddler running around, the idea of getting dressed up (mid winter for example) to walk to the shop to buy something was not appealing in the slightest!

This site is awesome! All I did was type in the ingredients I already had and it would give me several recipes and options I could make, from desserts to main entrees! From all around the world. Today I am making a Maleysian rice meal. Since my main ingredients (in my pantry) are onions and rice... :)

I am pretty good at improvising and throwing in a few extra items to make it more "ME"

Have a play! Makes my life a bit easier from time to time.

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