Growing Vegetables (in small spaces) part I

This year I have decided to grow our own food on our upper balcony. I ordered a book on Amazon on how to grow vegetables in small spaces, because I do not have my own allotment or even a backyard. The book is so clear and really thorough. It's a great step by step guide and gives you loads of good tips. I like it because it teaches me that we can plant vegetables and herbs in anything! Boy, you should see what we are using! From bread tins to plastic recycling boxes (for now)!

 (The yellow post-its are marks for the vegg and herbs I'm planting)

There are many reasons why we decided to grow our own. It's completely local, good for the enviroment, it's organic, it saves money and it's theraupetic. It's important to learn a skill that should be known anyway. It is a great learning experience for all of us.

We bought seeds for veggies and herbs that we eat regularly, and little by little we have sown the seeds and potted them into bigger pots, getting them prepared to go outside onto the balcony. So far we have dill, cilantro, spring onion, swiss chard, spinach, broccoli, lettuce, peas, tomatoes, squash, pumpkin, sunflower(seeds), and strawberries.

I'm glad my whole family is in this with me. My kids have really enjoyed helping out, sowing seeds and getting dirty with the potting soil :)

My husband is building tables and layers for the vegetables. Do note, we have two balconies, the smaller one is for our garden. The other balcony is for the kids.

I still want to buy a few more veggies and herbs, but for now we are on a budget and I still have time. I know that this will take time, for we are a bit short on cash, but this is an investment, this will save us hundreds! 

The weather is quite warm during the days, so now the plants are going through the 'hardening stage' where the plants are outside during the day and we bring them in for the night. Once they grow a bit bigger and we get some 'donated' pots and compost, we will be replanting them in their final pots.

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