Live-Raw Sweet Apricot and Almond Cookies

I flipped through my favourite Raw and Live Food 'cook' book and came across this recipe, in the pages I have never really bothered to look at before. It was in the "raising rainbow babies" chapter for babies 8months and older! Well I am older than 8 months, but I still had to have a go! I had everything but Almond extract and nutmeg in my pantry! This comfirmed making it TODAY. I went to the shop to buy the missing ingredients but replaced the currants with cranberries and sultanas. If we lived in Finland, I could've gotten currants for dime a kilo! Quick to make - once nuts have soaked overnight - and really YUMMY! Not to mention all the benefits of every ingredient. I will list some of the benefits of the ingredients after the recipe for those who are interested in learning about how awesome our God is in creating such wonder foods!!  This can be made in the oven too. Keep it below 50*C and oven slightly open-

2 C    almonds, soaked                                       
1 C    dried apricots, soaked                             
1 C    coconut pulp                                             
1/2 C currants, soaked         (I recommend raisins instead, for less 'bitter' cookie**)                           
1 C    fresh young coconut water                      
1/2 T vanilla extract or 1 vanilla bean                
1 t     almond extract            (I recomment 1/2t because it was overpowering**)                             
1 t     nutmeg                       (I recommend 1/4t, because it was overpowering**)                                
1 t     cinnamon

Cousens, Gabriel M.D. Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine, 2003

Step 1
Blend all ingredients in food processor.

Step 2
Drop batter on teflex sheet in heaping tablespoons. Slightly flatten cookies with a spoon so they 
will fit in dehydrator.

Step 3
Dehydrate 2 hours at 145*F. Flip cookies over and continue to dehydrate at 115*F for another 4-6 hours. Mine took a little longer because I didn't flatten them thin enough before dehydrating them.

Step 4

Cookies will store refrigerated for a week or longer. Makes 45-50 cookies.
 I replaced currants with sultanas**

Just click on the ingredients and it will direct you to easy-read sites with loads of info.


Soaked Almonds is a rich source of
vitamin E,
omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids,
magnesium and
You gain all the benefits of almonds, if you eat it in the right way. And
is activated through the soaking process.
Coconut Pulp and Coconut Water

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