Raw Almond--Mesquite-Hemp Crackers

1        batch of Almond Dip (recipe here)
1/2 C Mesquite meal
1/2 C Hemp protein
1    C Water
1    C Golden Flax (grinded)

(Click on the ingredients to know more about them and why they are super good for you!)

Step 1, mix in the ingredients to the Almond Dip batch.

Step 2,  spread onto a parchment paper or teflexx* sheet, 2/3cm thickness and score. Dehydrate in a food dehydrator at 145*F for 2 hours, then flip over, remove paper and dehydrate at 115*F until dry.

In the oven: lowest heat possible (50*C?) , with the oven door slightly open, dehydrate until semi dry, flip over and continue dehydrating until dry.

I Love, love these with peanut butter/ almond butter and home made chocolate!!! YUMMY!
You can use them as savory crackers as well as sweet crackers by leaving out the roasted
garlic from the almond dip.

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